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Company News
Rolling element producing in-house

Rolling element producing in-house

      WSW is specialized in rolling element production and thinks it is crucial to the quality of bearings. The diversification of bearings influcences the operating life of bearings in machines and the capacity usage ratio. When there is a problem of bearing, people will check the rolling element first. Through the examination of rolling element, it reflects the performance and problems of bearings. By constant improvement, we get new breakthroughs. Therefore, the rolling element plays a critical role regarding the degree of damage of bearings.
      The predecessor of WSW is rolling element processing manufacturer. It has a history of more than ten years in processing rolling element. We have rich experience in the material, degree of finish, abrassion resistance, toughness, dimensional design, expenditure of energy and emission-reduction. We are also the suplier of ZWZ, TIMKEN China, SKF,etc.
      Through self-developed, WSW has intellectual property rights for key technologies. Such as rolling element processing equipment-Song Power. It has been proved that this equipment can largely reduce cost and boost productive efficiency.
      In order to achieve the trust of customers, we remain the purpose of producing in-house. Therefore, we could say that the quality of our bearings is no less than the world’s best brands.


       WSW公司认为 滚动体在轴承中起到革命性的作用,滚动体的多样化 决定着轴承在机械运行中的寿命和利用能量效率等各个方面的问题 当轴承出现问题时 启动的第一个的检测项目,多半是对滚动体的检测,通过检测滚动体,可以反映出轴承的各方面性能指数和问题 从而可以不断的改进,达到新的突破。所以一套轴承的损害程度 滚动体起着至关重要的因素
        WSW公司的前身是滚动体加工企业,本公司致力于滚动体的探索设计制造,至今已有十余年的历史,对滚动体材质、光洁度、耐磨性、耐高温性、韧性、尺寸设计、能量损耗、节能减排等制作工艺有着十分丰富的经验。曾经先后为ZWZ LYC TIMKEN(中国) SKF等企业加工滚动体
        公司还自行研制开发,有自主知识产权的Song Power(R)专业滚动体加工设备,实践证明可以大大降低加工成本,提高生产效率....公司有批量生产滚动体的能力,竭诚欢迎广大各界人士洽谈滚动体生产加工业务 本公司保证WSW的滚动体价美质优。
        为了达到客户对WSW品质的信赖 我们一直坚守着滚动体自行生产的宗旨,因此今天我们才可以自豪的宣称就质量而言 我们的产品毫不逊色于世界顶尖品牌



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