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Ten industrial cities

Ten industrial cities

                                                           Ten  industrial cities
1. Chicago is America's third largest city, the great lakes region's largest industrial center.In the northeastern Illinois, southwestern lake Michigan.Covers an area of 590.5 square kilometers and a population of 2.784 million, of which the black accounts for about 40%.Big city is composed of 6 such as cook county, including many satellite towns around and northwest indiana binhu district cities, covers an area of 12061.6 square kilometers.With the center of Chicago, 480 km range, focus on the national nearly 20% of the population.The cities along the lakeside plain to the west, north, south, flat.Mild climate humid.January average temperature 4.3 ℃, July average temperature 23.7 ℃, annual precipitation 875 mm.Perennial sheng blow from Michigan oil northeaster, is called "windy city".
In 1804, established permanent settlements in the Chicago river estuary area.Established in 1833 in fur trade station on the basis of market town.A city in 1837.The beginning of the 20th century, the Midwest is the largest grain and meat, milk production, the development of the great lakes region such as coal and iron resources, make the Chicago has quickly become the largest city in the Midwest and transportation and industrial center, commercial and financial industry is growing prosperity.Chicago has a glorious history in the international workers' movement, is "May 1" international labor day (1886) and "38" the birthplace of the women's day (1909).
Chicago, complete industrial sector, the dominant in heavy industry, light industry is also very rich.Is one of the country's largest steel and meat processing industry base, agricultural machinery, transportation machinery, chemical, petrochemical industry, electric machinery, aircraft engines, printing and so on also in the leading position in the whole country, and wood processing, paper, electronics, textiles, clothing, flour and other industrial sectors.Industry are mainly distributed in the Chicago river north and south, and on both sides of the canal, near the center of lupu industrial plant density is very big, is important light industrial area;South, liu mei is very a number of large industrial enterprises, and the weight of iron and steel industrial zone, the satellite towns, Gary is America's largest integrated iron and steel enterprises.Prosperous business and financial operations.The city has a huge grain and livestock market.Trade company has more than thousand, famous sears, roebuck company is America's largest retail enterprise;Wholesale and retail sales in the domestic leading the way, and is the center of the world's major mail order.Financial institutions such as the seventh bank deposits and Midwest stock exchange, which is the second largest securities market.Tourism is also very rich.
Chicago is the largest railway hub, more than 30 lines the rally point, in the north-central United States city rail line length (12400 km) and the annual freight volume (512 million tons) of all the world's first cities.Highway traffic developed, 12 main road by means of this, is the center of the state highway system.In addition, the lake and the great lakes important port, the city has three important airport, northwest of the city the hare international airport is the largest area, the passenger's busiest airport, passenger traffic of 3000 to 40 million.
City of Chicago is the loop is located in the Chicago river estuary area, for the most prosperous business district.The area accounts for only 1% of the city, was centred about 1/6 of the employees in the city.Are distributed in Chicago street square mesh, different styles of modern high-rise buildings.443 meters high, 110 - story sears tower is the highest building in the United States, is the sears "robock company; the second is 346 meters high, 80 - story building standard oil layer and 343.5 meters high, 100 Hancock center building, as well as the water tower square building, the first national bank, etc. In the western end of the loop Chicago river is divided into south and north two. Between the north and lake Michigan in the north, beautiful environment, as the senior residential area, more than all kinds of cultural and entertainment facilities; between lake Michigan and south branch of the southern district of north and south, west branch, mainly for industrial zone, black, how low standard housing. Many parks, green space of the city, covers an area of nearly 5000 hectares, binhu" green belt "main recreational places for citizens, the Chicago suburbs and forest protected area.
Chicago is one of the major American culture and education center.Big city there were 95 colleges and universities, built in 1891, the university of Chicago, enjoy international reputation, the school of Oriental institute and the museum is famous for its collection of Oriental art treasures.And the university of Illinois, Illinois institute of technology, northwestern university and other famous universities.Other important cultural facilities has college of art, art museums, the museum of science and industry, the shedd aquarium, Adler planetarium, history, society, etc.
2. In Moscow, the Russian federal capital, is also the Russian political, economic, scientific and cultural and transportation center.Downtown Moscow covers an area of 1081 square kilometers, 30 kilometers long from east, north and south long 40 kilometers, population 10.473 million people (2007).Moscow's founding in 1147, has a long history of more than 800 years to date.Is one of the megalopolis in the world and the largest city in Europe.Moscow is located in the central European Russia part, across the Moscow river and its tributaries and wu river on both sides.Moscow and upstream of the volga river entrance and the river mouth is same.
Moscow is one of the largest comprehensive industrial city, all Russian complete industrial sector, including heavy industry and chemical industry is very developed, machinery And instrument manufacturing industry accounts for more than half of the city's total industrial output.The city is also the biggest military industrial center, aviation, aerospace, electronics and other industries are concentrated in here.The food industry and the tobacco industry is developing rapidly.Gross value of industrial output in the country first.Machinery manufacturing, machine tools, automobile, motor, instruments, clocks, etc.) accounted for more than half of the city's industrial output and the number of workers, light industry (clothing, footwear, textile, chemical industry, food processing and printing is also very rich.
3. Birmingham is started with * trade city, from paper clips to the car, what all production, production accounts for a quarter of British exports.Famous Rover lives (Rover) and Jaguar (Jaguar) cars, pop UB40 and cadbury chocolate is produced from Birmingham.Birmingham city's industrial output value accounted for 1/5 of the UK, its industrial power can compete with London.
Birmingham is one of Britain's two jewelry origin (another is Hatton Hatton Garden park in London).Birmingham, jewelry can be traced back to the 12th century.
Birmingham canal up longer than Venice, Birmingham is a small part of the canal.In the 18th century the canal is used to transport goods and materials.Today, the old warehouse of the canal zone were gone, replaced by office buildings, bars, cafes and night clubs.
4. Important core industrial zone of Lyon in France, is a mainly industrial city modernization, the second industry employment population accounts for 45% of total employment, employment proportion of the tertiary industry in a secondary position, in the same scale in the French city is special.Manufacturing sector, mainly mechanical, chemical, textile, energy (oil refining, electric power, metallurgy, food industry also account for certain proportion.For car, motor production machinery industry is the most important.Chemical industry since the second half of the 19th century period of the development of inorganic chemicals, nearly 30 s to petrochemical industry has been dominant.As one of the national chemical industry center, have FeiZan refinery crude oil processing capacity of 9.8 million tons.There is Pierre - Bennett hydropower station nearby.Leon is the most important center of textile industry district, is famous for its traditional silk in the textile industry, synthetic fiber industry has a certain status.Also has in recent years, the third industry, especially in the banking business, have good base.Good transport facilities, is an important railway, highway, aviation and shipping hub.Highway and railway linking Paris, Marseilles and Grenoble.
5. Frankfurt has always been a thriving commercial city, after German unification, this industry is developing rapidly, especially the chemical industry.In Germany, one of the three major chemical industry company hirsch, (Hoechst AG) company is started in Frankfurt.Frankfurt in 1914 and founded by John Wolfgang Goethe university 0. (has grown to more than 37000 students).The second world war, 33 big bombing destroyed the Frankfurt 80% of the buildings, 17 million tons of garbage.The ancient city of one thousand, into ruins.Post-war reconstruction of Frankfurt quickly, astonishingly, staggering, today, in addition to the chemical, electronic, mechanical industry, the third industries such as transportation, financial, expo business is booming, urban change bounce, skyscrapers, Frankfurt, become famous international metropolis.
6. In Hamburg, about half of the third industry position belongs to media economic, consultancy, software supply, tourism and manufacturing field.Banking and insurance and other important economic industry.Despite the dominance of the third industry, Hamburg is a leading industrial cities in Germany.Hamburgers and Toulouse, France is the European civil aviation industrial center, the r&d and manufacture base is engaged in the plane of airbus, and engaged in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul of Lufthansa's aviation technology co., LTD.Another burger in microelectronics technology, information and communication technology and biological technology, medicine, environment also enjoys a reputation.Hamburg is not only Germany's second largest city and the most international city, and has the second largest port - Hamburg's seaport in Europe.By 2010, Hamburg's seaport container throughput is expected to total 8.4 million teu.Hamburg is one of the most important shipbuilding and logistic center in Europe.The construction of Europe's largest city development project - Hamburg port town, will become China's cultural and economic, the stage of talent.Hamburg also has a lot of education and research institutions, has provided china-germany across Germany is currently the only bilingual education project of middle school, with professional training center port areas, and has some research institutions enjoy international reputation.
7. The federal republic of Germany second dagang, northern industrial city, capital of transdisciplinary programs.The weser river downstream, 70 kilometers away from the north sea.In the area of 326 square.A population of 535800 (1984).Built in 787 AD, in 1186 set up the city.After joined the hanseatic league in 1358, developed into the north German religious, commercial center.In 1815 to join the federal.In 1947, with werder Bremen haven, etc to form a transdisciplinary programs.For port and waterway to adapt to the needs of the development of shipping, weser, 19th century dredging vessel direct within the port;At the same time, building a new port at its mouth.QQCT for 14 kilometers.After the second world war and modernization of port equipment.Port throughput of 16 million tons in 1980.Industrial mainly in ship building, automobile, electronics, machinery manufacturing, food, textile and clothing sector.Built in the 70 s coast of the federal republic of Germany's largest steel mills crake, the company of Bremen plant the plant product steel capacity of 5 million tons, has built the world's advanced level of continuous hot rolled wide strip workshop.The weser river, the old urban area in henan, three highway bridge and 1 railroad bridge is linked together.A Bremen university in the city, engineering technology research institute, maritime museum, aquarium and so on.Center of the Renaissance's city hall, st Bert cathedral and other ancient buildings and symbolic statue of liberty, Roland knight.Many sports venues, parks throughout the city.
8. Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest industrial city, it is located on the west coast of Sweden, on the other side of the northern kattegat and Denmark, known as the "window" in western Sweden.Goldberg and Scandinavia's first big harbor, port at the age of not frozen.Goldberg founded in the early 17th century, destroyed by the danes in Carl horse after the war.In 1619, the Swedish king GuSiDaFuErShi reconstruction of the city, and soon to become a Swedish business center.As the Swedish east India company established in 1731 in gothenburg and about tower canal was built in 1832, gothenburg port scale expands unceasingly, the city has become increasingly prosperous.After hundreds of years of construction and development, gothenburg, has become a collection of modern and ancient sweet patina as a tourist city.As the earliest residents living here in the majority with the Dutch, so the old city has the characteristics of typical Dutch.City is surrounded by extensive system of canals, modern buildings, with built in the 17th century grand royal residence, all this attracts thousands of tourists.In gothenburg, industry developed, the main industry including machine manufacture, metallurgy, shipbuilding and automobile manufacture and other heavy industry and wood processing industry.The world's most famous Volvo group headquarters is located in here.Gothenburg is "Volvo car brand products.Here the production of "SKF bearing", "hasselblad camera products such as is well known in the world.Goldberg of the shipbuilding industry in Europe was prominent in the history of shipbuilding, the 18th and 19th century Swedish sailing the world a lot of the ships are built here.Started in 1995, built in 2003, "gothenburg" antique ship, successfully reproduced the more than 260 years ago Chinese and Swedish merchant ship "gothenburg" back and forth.In Sweden the biggest shipyard is built in the vicinity of gothenburg XinYan island.In gothenburg, cultural atmosphere, the famous university of gothenburg, gothenburg engineering colleges and universities won the honor for the city.In 1986, gothenburg, Shanghai established friendly and cooperative relations with China, formally established in October 2003 "sisters" relationship, became sister cities.In 2005, gothenburg to conclude for the friendly with guangzhou port.
9. The first city in the southern United States.And the third largest in the nation's largest oil industry center.Located in the southeast coast of Texas, Galveston bay northwest plains, through 80 kilometers long sea canal connected to the gulf of Mexico.The city covers an area of 1440 square kilometers and a population of 1.63 million (1990);Large urban areas includes 6 such as Harris county and small and medium-sized towns nearby, covers an area of 16278 square kilometers.Founded in 1836.Canal done in Houston, 1914 due to the gulf of Mexico and large-scale oilfield development, the industry is developing rapidly.Petroleum refining and petrochemical industry development level is very high, steel, electronics and geophysical exploration instrument, cement, cotton, meat processing, such as rice milling industry is also quite developed.After sea canal construction, become one of us the sea port city.The main output of petroleum products, cotton, rice, sulfur, wood, etc., 35 km southeast of the lake is the U.S. national aeronautics and space administration, one of the largest space research and development center is called "the city".A university, scientific research organs, art gallery, library, etc.Downtown high-rise buildings everywhere.
10. Fishing village of Shanghai began in sui and tang dynasties, when the northern song dynasty has developed into a larger settlement, because is located in the Shanghai pu, so the name.A city in 1927.The past because of the control of the imperialist aggression and bureaucratic capital, national industry can not get a good development.Since 1949 after the liberation, under the leadership of the communist party of China and the people's government, after more than 40 years of construction, now has become China's largest comprehensive industrial base and business, foreign trade city.Shanghai industrial production has become the national cities, about one 8 of the national industrial production.Fiscal revenue and foreign trade in the country.Port throughput of one hundred million tons, accounting for two 5 of the total national port throughput.Transferred to all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government of the country's industrial products accounted for 40% of national tuned pull quantity, so is China's largest commercial and trade center.
Shanghai industry on the basis of the original, after a larger modification, update, and the adjustment of production structure and construction of a large number of new industrial and mining enterprises, from the original to light, the spinning industry as the main body of production structure, gradually developed into heavy industry as the main body, light, the layout of the spinning industry simultaneously, the great changes in the industrial structure, effectively promote the development of Shanghai industrial.Now have been held in electric power, metallurgy, machinery, shipbuilding, electronics, chemical, instrumentation, textile, food, printing and other industries, especially in machinery manufacturing, textile industry and electronics and other high technology industry has been in the leading position in the whole country, and can design, manufacturing a variety of advanced, sophisticated, cutting-edge products independently.Shanghai many industrial products is not only famous in the country, and abroad, occupies an important position in the international market.
Industry more concentrated in urban areas in the past, after the liberation in order to promote the development of industry, around the city for more than 10 new industrial zone and, from a number of satellite cities, urban and suburban county, accordingly, the construction of a batch of fusi production base, from single to Shanghai at the center of the city development for group combination of city.In recent years, new in Shanghai baoshan iron and steel joint enterprise and the new opening of the pudong development zone and minhang, caohejing development zone, in Shanghai's industrial development and the improvement of the national industrial status will have a bigger role, business also there will be a leap development.

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