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one of the ten most potential emerging enterprises Wafangdian

one of the ten most potential emerging enterprises Wafangdian

1.       The first phase of red river nuclear power unit 1 officially starts on August 18, 2007, the no. 1 machine completed on June 6, 2013 formal business shipments power after 168 hours test run.Liaoning red along the river for the construction of the first phase of the nuclear power has the essential part in the development of nuclear power in the country, to further improve China's million kilowatt nuclear self-independence, localization level, promote nuclear talent training, technical experience accumulation and the equipment manufacturing industry to upgrade, realize the standardization, seriation million kilowatt nuclear power plants, mass construction and to meet the needs of economic growth on electricity in liaoning province, optimizing the structure of the northeast power grid and the revitalization of northeast old industrial base has important significance.
Liaoning red river plant is located in dalian city, liaoning province town east hills, wafangdian city, is located in wafangdian city west of the east coast of the bohai bay.Site about 50 km away from wafangdian city railway station east, south, 110 km from dalian port, the north is 160 km from haicheng.The factory on three sides, one side borders of the land.
2.       China's oil and natural gas sales co., LTD., dalian branch, mainly engaged in gasoline, diesel, bunker fuel, lubricating oil and other petroleum products including automotive liquefied petroleum gas sales business, is dalian area the main supplier of refined petroleum products.
Company's existing terminal 5 in camp, capacity of 116500 cubic meters;314 operating gas stations, oil tankers, barges, 6 ships, oil terminal 2;The total assets of 2.57 billion yuan.A total of 4700 employees;All base station to realize the information management of the business, realize the real time inventory and sales data collection, secondary distribution plan of automatic optimization process, pay oil depot automation management, distribution of positioning control, gas main sales link is controlled and visual management, etc.
Distribution branch, oil and gas retail branch in the city, development zone of liquefied gas companies and branches of lushun, jinzhou branch and PuLanDian branch, wafangdian branch, in long beach, ZhuangHe branch, branch, warehouse branch, lubricating oil branch and so on 11 branch;Authorization management CPC Marine fuel distribution co., LTD., dalian, CPC harbour oil sales co., LTD., dalian, dalian oil poplar ditch associated company three equity units.
For many years, especially in recent years, the China national petroleum corporation and the joint stock company, under the correct leadership of dalian sales led by scientific development view, adhering to the "good faith service, the user first" purpose, adhere to the "safety, quality, metering" three red line, with "strong sanki, fine management, service" as the breakthrough point, to implement the three responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, has made due contributions to the development of local economy.
International standard products sales enterprise "construction" is the development of dalian sales target.
"The enterprise turn around the market, service as the customer's requirements change, all for the benefit of dry, to implement the social responsibility" is the management idea of dalian sales.
"There is no security, no everything" is the safety concept of dalian sales.
"Development is slow is back" is the development philosophy of dalian sales.
"People-oriented, scientific and strict and careful" is dalian sales management concept.
"Talent exists in employees, through training exercise everyone can success" is dalian sales talent concept.
Dalian sales will with scientific development as the theme, to speed up the transformation of the mode of development as the main line, strengthen sanki, fine management, improve service, to build the international standard of "high-quality goods sales enterprise" work hard, for the construction of green, international, sustainable, loyalty, trust, respect China's oil to make greater contribution.
3.       SKF dalian wazhou bearing co., LTD. Is a Swedish SKF and wafangdian bearing co., LTD is a joint venture enterprise, the registered capital of 140000000 yuan, with SKF owns 51%, wafangdian bearing co., LTD. (49%).Was founded on July 1, 1998, covers an area of 23000 square meters, factory building covers an area of 14040 square meters, existing staff more than 450 people, the joint venture manufacturing and sales outside diameter from 80 mm to 420 mm of SKF and ZWZ design of spherical self-aligning roller bearings, ZWZ basic varieties in 115.The joint venture company in 2001 through the Lloyd's quality certification service co., LTD., the ISO9002 quality management system of ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and obtain the certificate.
4.       Dalian shun auspicious animal husbandry co., LTD., founded in 2002, dalian is the larger set of poultry breeding, feed processing, logistics distribution, biological preparation and feed additive research and development for the integration of agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises, wafangdian is poultry breeding leading enterprises.Company existing staff 260 people, average daily range quantity of 100000, 30 million years of breeding poultry, radiation more than 50 villages and towns of more than 140 village, drive the wafangdian city and the surrounding area of about 1300 households farmers get rich.
Shun auspicious animal husbandry based on the good faith management, integration of resources by reputation, achievement brand with knowledge.After more than 10 years of development, the enterprise starting from the family workshop, has developed into an annual output value of six large-scale enterprise, registered capital of 10 million.Enterprise's management style has a comprehensive upgrade for the network information management, become the most outstanding in the industry.Company's existing two modern production lines with an annual output of 200000 tons of high quality feed feed.The chairman QuShunXiang now dalian municipal people's congress, poultry association.
In 2011, shun auspicious animal husbandry in order to improve quality, ensure the poultry feed, food safety has established long-term cooperation relationship with yangzhou university agronomy, in Chinese native medicine preparation for research and development goals, to ensure that no drug residues of chicken.Establish and improve the chicken breeding, feed processing, logistics distribution, technical service integration services platform, to ensure that the chicken quality and food safety.Product quality safety center authorized by ministry of agriculture, the company produces the chicken for pollution-free agricultural products certification, product approval to use indicate without produce of social effects of pollution.
Over the years, shun auspicious animal husbandry to the local farmers as own duty, but also to undertake the social responsibility of poultry food safety.In order to ensure that the survival rate of chicken and chicken green quality, enterprise has also established a by more than 30 professional bachelor degree or above in the name of the veterinary team, and a good breeding business management team.And for the young, feed, unified epidemic prevention, unification of chick, unified technical guidance, unified price recovery.Comprehensive to improve the professional knowledge and ability of the farmers, reduce the risk of breeding.Not only track the breeding process, guide the breeding technology and strict quality management in the veterinary drug quality and raise.Enterprises through the whole YangShiLian control, to ensure the safety of the breeding, ecology, green, healthy chickens, achieve the end product quality good faith management, won the broad masses of customers, won the praise of society.
In business, we take the "company + raising households + order" mode, reduce the risk of breeding, to ensure the interests of the farmers, the farmers get rich together.For many years, the farmers give appropriate compensation for losses, good farmers reward, enterprises take out every year from 300 to 5 million to subsidies to farmers, to accumulate to nearly ten million yuan.Shun auspicious animal husbandry as places to promote agricultural industrialization, drive farmers get rich, made great contribution.
Market fast changing, shun auspicious animal husbandry to persistent competition in the industry is also facing a big test of a company to develop robust to all the staff work together, work together to meet future challenges.
5.       In May 2012, the national development and reform commission approved huaneng (wafangdian) wind power generation co., LTD., huaneng dalian wafangdian Zhao Tun wind power project as a CDM project.The foreign partner for Vitol S.A. and is expected to annual reduction of 98469 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.
6.       Dalian ace will food co., LTD. Is a Japanese ace will food co., LTD set up representative offices in China, belongs to the head office management.The Japanese ace will food co., LTD in Japan is famous for production of curry, mustard.Products sold in China, Europe and the United States and southeast Asia market, the company was founded in 1923, successfully listed in Japan in 1961, is now Japan's spice "leader".Company is committed to product development constantly, let the customer to be able to experience authentic Japanese food make people linger.Company most of the products is first successfully developed by Japan volker beissenhirtz food co., LTD on the market, so the products not only in Japan, and famous in the world market, the market sales is also the world's first.
7.       Dalian development bright group introduction
Dalian development bright group co., LTD., founded in 1999, is a pig breeding and pork products processing for the main business, feed processing, biological engineering, seafood processing, the monopoly business was concluded, the industrialization of ChanJiaXiao dragon group.Is the first national "151 key agricultural industrialization leading enterprise", the national top 50 meat food industry enterprises.
Development bright group in constant innovation, the development has formed the raw products processing, meat processing, pig by-products processing three kinds of nine series over 200 varieties."Development of Ming" trademark is "famous trademark" of liaoning province industrial and commercial bureau to confirm, development mingpai products was awarded "famous brand product" by liaoning province bureau of quality and technical supervision.Development of cold fresh meat and meat products is the national center for slaughtering technical appraisal of "national security", Ming cold fresh meat is the national green food development of green food development center, development bright group is the biggest in China green food pork production and processing base, and obtain export registration in Russia.
On the safety and health pig source base, an ac island original breeding pig farm development construction investment, the introduction of Danish great-grandparent generation turok, about g, changbai swine, for the development of Ming pigs provide YouLiangPin breeding base.According to the company base model.
In order to ensure the pork quality safety, development in accordance with the international standard design construction covers an area of 380000 square meters, 1 million slaughter segmentation pig head development Ming meat, introduce the world's most advanced Holland's slaughtering line, dividing line.Adopt international advanced technology production of bright color, tender texture, nutrition, convenience, safety and health of cold fresh meat.
In the sales link, the development Ming has introduced the application of the developed countries fresh meat production, cold chain transport, cold chain cold chain sales, chain operation mode, first established in dalian meat chain, through the modern cold chain system direct delivery to the terminal market, realized the full control of the safety of meat.Development Ming currently established more than 137 chain stores in dalian area.In 12 cities in liaoning province set up branches and sales network, products are exported to fujian, Shanghai, henan, shandong, hunan, hubei, changchun and other places.
To do strong, do do the depth, the food industry, the development of bright group established in the next five years development goals:
To a meat processing, supported by product research and development center and inspection center, the formation of fresh meat products series, regulate food series, high, low temperature meat products series, flavor products series;
To a seafood processing, extends to the Marine product development, formed with minced fish products, seaweed products processing, the Marine products deep processing industry;
With the advantages in the slaughter segmentation, with biological technology as the forerunner, comprehensive utilization, development pig by-products, production of biological products, health food, improve the industrial added value;
To create safe, healthy and high quality commercial source as the core, the introduction of international excellent breeding Denmark great-grandfather and generation of the original breeding herd built into the core of the national advanced group of swine, base breeding model implementation of the industrialization of the farmers in accordance with the company for promotion, development of 10000 peasant households engaged in pig breeding, such high quality commercial 1 million head.
By 2010, realize the annual sales of 3.5 billion yuan, improve surrounding food planting and breeding industry, feed industry output value of 2 billion yuan.Make development bright group according to the scale, intensive industrialization development road, toward the direction of the modern, high-tech development.
8.       Company was founded in 1992, now covers an area of 40000 square meters, building area of 36000 square meters.More than 1500 employees, has formed a set design, production, sales in one of the team.Main products: lace, ear, bind belt, cord, rope row must etc., are widely used in curtain, cloth art sofa, bedding, lamps, clothing, and other fields.Products sold in 25 countries and regions of the world, favored by the customers."East" has now become the world's lace industry well-known brands, the company after years of integration and development, to create the unique advantage and position in the industry.
The advantage of new product development:
The company has a strong design and development team, all the year round to participate in international and domestic related products conference and exposition, to capture the latest popular information, make the product design always keep pace with the international level, to constantly develop new products to lay a solid foundation.
Dalian east technology of textiles
The sufficient raw material reserves:
Company reserves amounted to hundreds of raw materials, raw materials, raw silk, evanescent hues of nearly 200 tons of reserves, fully meet the requirements of different customers, such as mulberry silk, tussah silk, rayon, cotton evanescent hues and large reserves of raw silk.For the realization of the domestic and international customer orders immediately put into production, shorten the production cycle to provide the source.
A high starting point of dyeing advantage:
The company has excellent performance of water softening treatment system, sewage system, rapid dryer equipment, as well as the independent laboratory and small studio, one thousand tons of dyeing ability, fast for high-grade evanescent hues, provides a reliable guarantee, can satisfy different customers different requirements of various kinds of color fastness.
Advanced production equipment, strong production capacity:
The company introduced the most advanced production equipment, has trained a high-quality staff team, fully develop products with high technical content, the characteristics of fashion.
Dalian east process textiles - management system
According to many years of production experience, the east stand company pioneered the enterprise standard of the journal decorative textiles at home and abroad.Company in the process of development, adhere to customer focus, continuous improvement, standardize enterprise internal management mechanism, improve enterprise management level, in 2006 passed the AQA certification body certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001 system of double the same period, 05, '06 products were awarded the honorary title of dalian city and liaoning province famous brand product, firmly establish the brand image of the enterprise.
Dalian east process textiles - market system
Company established a perfect product sales, internal and external information feedback and transfer of market system, with independent import and export rights, the establishment of a global sales network, products are exported to all over the world, to gain the initiative in the market.
East stand people adhering to the "continuously create human good life" enterprise idea, with "honest and trustworthy, respect for employees, quality win, learning, innovation" for the enterprise's core values;"Advocating quality, unity and enterprising, fast, agile, create first-class" as enterprise spirit, continuously improve enterprise core competitiveness, for clients to contribute your sincere and beautiful.
9.       Dalian nine long photoelectric technology co., LTD., founded in 2005, is located in dalian wafangdian photoelectric semiconductor lighting base park, covers an area of 1 million square meters, registered capital of 20 million us dollars.Company has LED photoelectric park, north LED wholesale market, is set research and development, production, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises.Main business is: the production of lighting LED lighting light source, LED solar lighting lamps and lanterns, high power LED lighting lamps and lanterns.Its application products: construction fence light, flexible light, LED underwater lights, etc.;Transport class has signal, brake, reading lamp, etc.Its product style is different, different W, USES different, power supply, is an ideal product to replace traditional lighting lamps and lanterns.Company's existing technology research and development personnel 50 people, management personnel and skilled workers more than 800 people, more than 20 senior sales professional, focus on Europe, the americas and Asia market.Company is equipped with three production lines, with full automatic ASM solid crystal machine, welding wire machine, automatic glue machine applications such as more than 120 sets of equipment, its products have passed CCC, CE and UL certification
10.   Wafangdian Guangda Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd  (WSW beaing) is located at Wafangdian City, in the north of Dalian City, Liaoning Province, which is famous for the birthplace of China industrial bearing and China Bearing City. Dalian City is the center of the rising economic circle around northest Asia, possesses of China second largest free trade port, Dayaowan Bonded Port Zone, with Harbin-Dalian Railway and Shenyang-Dalian Expressway running through the north and the south of China. The convenient traffic condition and superior economic environment and stable political situation provide Wafangdian Guangda Bearing with a good trade platform to the world.  

        bearings, spherical ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, self alining roller bearings,angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, thrust roller bearings, spherical plain bearings, car hub bearings, slewing bearings and British series bearings and so on.  It can also design and produce various types of non-standard bearings according to customers' different requirement. Products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, vehicles, papermaking, cement industries etc, and exported to Europe, USA and South Asia market and gained cuctomers' recognition at home and abroad.  

        For years, Wafangdian Guangda Bearing Company has been focusing on internal management, such as technology innovation, research and development, faithful service and so on. Our company has strong technical strength and rich bearing manfacturing experience by hiring many senior engineers and bearing design experts,established quality assurance system and formed professional after-sale service team. The advanced technology, complete bearing manufacturing equipment and perfect measuring instruments guarantee the production of quality bearings. Under the principle of quality first and prestige superior, our company is willing to sincerely cooperate with customers from home and abroad to achieve win-win.

        High quality and long life bearings are the pursuit of Guangda Bearing Company. Creating the maximum value for customers,with integrity  and innovation, is the business philosophy of Guangda Bearing Company.Presently Guangda bearings are being developed fast and compete market with comprehensive quality. Our company is pushing forward modern management in full aspects and builds up own bearing brand "WSW"  and will make it known at home and abroad. We'll try our best to provide customers with excellent products and services, to jointly promote the unlimited development of the shining and rotary world

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