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The World's Top 10 industrial Exhibition

The World's Top 10 industrial Exhibition


1.The Hannover Messe (English: Hanover Fair) is the world's biggest industrial fair. It is held on the Hanover fairground in Hanover, Germany. Typically, there are about 6,500 exhibitors and 250,000visitors.The Hannover Messe started in 1947 in an undamaged factory building in Laatzen, south of Hanover, by an arrangement of the British military government in order to boost the economic advancement of post-war Germany. The first fair was colloquially known as Fischbrötchenmesse (Fischbrötchen fair) due to the exemptions in food rationing for the fair at this time. It proved hugely successful and was hence repeated on a yearly basis, contributing largely to the success of the Hanover fairground in replacing the then-East German city of Leipzig as the new major fair city for West Germany.In the 1980s, the growing information and telecommunication industry forced the organizer Deutsche Messe AG to split the fair. The CeBIT is a successful spin-off of the Hannover Messe.

2. The engineering machinery expo (Conexpo - Con/Agg) is one of the world's three major construction machinery exhibition, exhibition Intermat Bauma with Germany and France.The exhibition sponsored by the American association of equipment manufacturers in Las Vegas, every three years, so far has nearly hundred years of history.Large-scale exhibition, many merchants, focus on the world famous brand, is the latest technology, equipment, and exhibits important platform.The exhibition area of 450000 square meters, of which the outdoor area of 200000 square meters, more than 2000 exhibitors.The exhibition attracted from all over the world contractors, material suppliers, municipal and officials to attend.During the expo provides a five-day all-round education training projects, these projects focus on analysis of modern industry, problems and the direction of the management and application technology, etc.The exhibition is expected to attract 140000 professionals from around the world to visit.

3.  China international bearing and its special equipment exhibition since 1990 by China bearing industry association successfully hosted the first, after 20 years of development, is becoming more and more mature and more international.In 2012 the 13th international bearing the exhibition area of 45000 square meters, has brought together from 17 countries and regions more than 700 enterprises, including the world famous enterprises.Has become the largest in the world bearing professional event, more than 50000 professional visitors, 50 countries and regions of the purchaser is active in the exhibition hall in the trade negotiations.The four-day exhibition is the best platform to carry out business negotiations.China international bearing and its special equipment exhibition was held in the "Shanghai world expo exhibition".

4. Asean (Thailand) international machinery exhibition (INTERMACH first held in 1984, in the industry of Thailand, the asean investment chamber of commerce, Thailand council for the promotion of international trade, industrial promotion department, automation industry association, the association of Thailand - Germany, Thailand Thai auto industry association, Thai foundry association, the association for the advancement of Thai subcontracting, industrial association for the advancement of alliance (A.S.I.A) institutions such as the support of the now has become the largest association of south-east Asian nations (asean) countries, operating one of the most successful mechanical and industrial subcontracting exhibition.INTERMACH 2013 will set a higher standard, and at the same time for the other two strengthy exhibition - Thai subcontracting exhibition and sheet metal exhibition in Asia, makes every effort to bring more business opportunities for the exhibitors, is expected to have 35 countries or regions, 1200 companies.The previous survey data show that more than 40% of the professional audience is the decision makers of an enterprise, of which 30% will place an order in the exhibition site, 39% of the audience have intention to buy, and to recommend the products to other procurement representative.

5. Brazil international industry exhibition (Subcontracting and Industrial Innovation Fair), began in 1992, is Latin America's largest Industrial Subcontracting exhibition, has a history of 21 years, is a company in South America and Germany hannover exhibition group Sebrae/RS (small and medium-sized enterprise support organization).The exhibition includes seven major themes, namely, industrial parts and power transmission technology, metal processing machinery (machine), industrial automation, plastic and rubber industry, electrical and electronic products, energy and environment, material handling and storage.
In 2012, from Germany, Italy, India, Argentina and so on more than a dozen countries nearly 600 exhibitors participated in the exhibition, exhibition area of 20000 square meters.The exhibition is one of the largest industries in southern Brazil market scale and influence.The exhibition on the number of exhibitors and visitors were achieved in recent years.SKF 2012 international famous enterprise and the SEW drive all took part in the exhibition.According to hannover exhibition company in Brazil and Sebrae/RS survey on the exhibitors, 74% of the exhibitors believe the exhibition of better than expected, said 93% of the exhibitors have intention to continue to the exhibition.
This exhibition also by Brazil's foreign and joint Brazil exports foundation support of the ministry of foreign trade, also includes Brazil each year, more than a dozen of business group's traditional business procurement project, mainly concentrated in the points on the subcontract products.

6. India international industrial equipment exhibition is sponsored by the German hannover exhibition company one of the world series industrial exposition, since 2007 in the emerging industrial city of bangalore and economic city held alternately in mumbai, have so far held six consecutive terms, this year will continue to be held in the Indian capital new Delhi.The exhibition attracts many well-known enterprises in the field of global technology and business, in South Asia is very important to an international activity.In 2012, the sixth exhibition area of nearly 15000 square meters, are from China, Germany, Italy, South Korea, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions, more than 400 exhibitors, the roll of 4 days were received nearly 8000 professional visitors.Show a complete industrial chain as the main line, the contents of hannover messe in Germany gradually transplanted to South Asia, rich in content and broad platform.

 7.Mexico international industrial exhibition is sponsored by the American Klaus exhibition company comprehensive exhibition, the exhibition every year in monterrey, Mexico is Mexico's most influential, one of the best industrial class exhibition.The exhibition in 2013, from the United States, Japan, China, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, panama, Canada, France, Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil and Mexico, the country's more than 350 enterprises on display for nearly 600 brands and more than 110 sets of equipment, display the net area is almost 11000 square meters.Industrial exhibition continue to play its 18th Mexico as Mexico manufacturing area, the most important platform for international manufacturing enterprises into the economic center of northern Mexico provides a good opportunity.Monterrey is the second largest city after the capital of Mexico, and Mexico's most important industrial city, including lenovo group, Siemens and alpha group, many multinational companies have branches in monterrey, monterrey, st. Peter area within the city circle is one of the most developed area of economy in Latin America.

8. Poznan, Poland "international industry fair (ITM Poland)" is one of the largest exhibition company - by polish poznan exhibition company, every year, is, in Poland and one influential industrial exposition in eastern Europe.Poland is located in central Europe, northern and eastern border with Russia, Lithuania, belarus and Ukraine, the south and the Czech republic, Slovakia, adjacent western borders Germany.Polish the geographical position is superior, convenient transportation, is contact of the east-west link, enter the shortcut to other countries in central and eastern Europe.
BoZiNaShi in Poland in the Midwest, is Poland's industrial and commercial center, located in Berlin and Warsaw, Poland, the traffic is very convenient, around to major cities in Poland.BoZiNaShi since ancient times is the merchants gathered, logistics center, is an ideal place for holding exhibitions and fair.BoZiNaShi known as Poland by perennial regularly held various exhibition "exhibition" in the capital, poznan international exhibition company became Poland's largest exhibition company.

9.International construction and engineering machinery exhibition CTT Russia in Moscow, Russia is a large country, and is a huge market of rapid development, also is one of construction rapidly developing countries, the demand for construction equipment is growing, the number of delivery engineering on the rise, highway and oil processing plant is being built, is actively for residential and industrial construction.CTT by MEDIA GLOBE company sponsored, CRUCOS exhibition center held in Moscow.In the IMAG (international division of MESSE MUNCHEN international) and the Russian Constructors under the strong support of the Union, has become the scale of Russia, central Asia and eastern Europe's biggest construction and engineering machinery exhibition.
Exhibition since founded in 1999, has developed into the exhibition area of 124000 square meters, the exhibitors, 911, 32585 professional audience of professional international event.

10. In Paris, France international industrial aftermarket exhibition MIDEST international industrial aftermarket exhibition in Paris, France (MIDEST) so far has held 41.The exhibition is one of the world's largest and most famous to undertake to sample, to map processing, and international professional exhibition parts processing business, is the international customers and subcontract supplier to build excellent platform, is also a manufacturer, supplier, integration, assembly of components, and industrial solutions provider face-to-face exchanges, common to find metal processing, plastics, electronics and precision technology in the field of the best solution.


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